Unified Comms & Voice

In the world of communications there is no one size fits all approach. We adapt services based on need and support our customers to evolve for the future.

We are partnered with Wavenet who provide services from all major networks and offer cost effective, customer focused, and locally supported services

Make your business brilliant, today and tomorrow, with unified communications and voice from TechCommsMedia and Wavenet.

Business Mobile

The business mobile market moves fast. New tariffs, solutions and technologies are emerging all the time. It takes a determined and curious mentality to identify what’s coming next and understand how it will make a meaningful difference to the way you work.

That’s where Wavenet can help. By looking at developing tech, we can futureproof your mobile communications, helping you to achieve more with innovative technology.

Cloud Phone Systems

Chances are, your existing clunky, traditional on-premise telephony infrastructure wasn’t built with today’s demands in mind. It could be holding your business back.

Work no longer just takes place in the office. It happens at home, on the road and at clients’ premises. When traditional phone systems can’t cope, you need an integrated solution that joins up all the dots.

Wavenet can help, creating a bespoke telephony solution for your business which provides the latest features and innovations, via a simple Cloud-based portal.

It will give your staff the flexibility to be brilliant from wherever they are, while you get greater control over your team, your business and your performance.

Contact Centre

Your business is unique. You face unique problems which require unique fixes.

As an integral part of an organisation you need Contact Centre solutions that combine disciplines, streamline services and enable your business to be brilliant.

Wavenet simplifies call centre operations using technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, deploying them reliably across multiple locations. From entry level applications, to multi-agent, multi-media cloud-based solutions, we can help.

Whether you have a small contact centre with a few agents or a large, multisite centre in need of multimedia capabilities, Wavenet can provide you with a contact centre solution helping you help streamline business operations and boost customer satisfaction.