Help To Keep Your Workplace Safe With These Thermal Screening Cameras

With more and more people returning to work now that lockdown restrictions are easing, workplaces need to do their utmost to help prevent further Covid-19 outbreaks. We have a selection of cameras, for handheld use, or to be fixed at key entry-points, which are specifically designed to detect and flag up those with raised temperatures.

Face coverings must be worn in enclosed public spaces in England from 24 July.

This includes shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, banks, building societies and post offices. It extends to train and bus stations and airports.

Customers must wear a face covering before entering any shop and must keep it on until they leave.

Those who fail to wear a mask could be fined up to £100, or £50 if they pay within 14 days. The rules will be enforced by the police, not shop workers, and only ”as a last resort”.

Shop workers will not have to wear coverings.

Having Thermal Screening Devices will give you and your business a piece of mind and help stop the spread of the virus before it can enter your premises.

Restaurants & Bars
Train Stations


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