Coronavirus aka COVID-19
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Cronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Do you or your staff need to work from home?

There is a lot of News and Social Media discussion about the need to work from home as the Coronavirus spreads.

We hope that you will be pleased to know that we are already able to provide a full IT support service to you even if our staff can’t get to the office.

With cloud-based infrastructure, VOIP telephone systems, remote access solutions, our business and technical staff have full access to everything they need to fully support your business even if they are required to self-isolate.

We want our customers to be reassured that we are prepared for a worst case outcome and if we are required to quarantine, all employees are able to work from home with no loss of service for any of our customers. Phones, E-mail and support services will all continue to function as they currently do.

Not all business can adopt a “work from home” alternative if premises have to close or staff have to quarantine. If you think that a work from home plan may help protect your business we are here to help make sure your infrastructure is functional and secure. Some of this will be rolling out services to which you already subscribe, other may mean additional equipment. We are able to offer short term “spot” rental for most such equipment and we hope that this will help you put your business in the best possible place without unnecessary or unforeseen capital cost.

Please make sure you call us or email us to request a call back  0121 285 2558. We really can help.

Some things you might need to think about (and some solutions).

If you are going to work from home, you might want to check that your internet connection is reliable. (Read our blog on Mobile Connectivity)

Communicating with colleagues is crucial, which is why remote meeting services are in high demand.  Part of Office 365, Teams supports up to 300 participants and offers guest access, one-on-one, and group video and audio calls, as well as file and screen sharing, and online document collaboration. A great way for you to stay in touch with work colleagues, customers and suppliers. 

Can your staff access documents over the Internet and is this access secure? Those new to working from home may present a target for hackers, who will no doubt sense an opportunity to steal sensitive information or commit online fraud. We can help make sure remote access to your servers is encrypted and secure. Want to find out more? Read the BBC report here