Work from Home? Poor Broadband speeds?

Mobile Connectivity to keep you working during the lockdown..

If you are going to work from home, you might want to check that your internet connection is reliable. Home Internet connections can be slower than you want for business use and are affected by the number of people using them. An increase in people working from home and possible school closures might make the home working experience less productive than you would hope.

4G Internet Connections.

If you are looking to work where you require an additional Internet connection to keep your business affairs separate to your home networks or you have speed or reliability issues with conventional Internet services our 4G Service Offer can really help.

We can provide you with a 4g service and will supply you with a fully configured Wi-Fi router that is ‘plug and go’ This comes with unlimited monthly bandwidth. (A fair usage policy applies).

12 Month Contract.

All rentals setup and configuration will conform to existing arrangements on install charges and delivery fees where such agreements are already in place

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All prices are exclusive of VAT. Normal Trading Terms and Conditions apply.

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